Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Getting Started

  • 2

    Building Your Company Bucket List

    • Reframing Your Perspective As A Job Seeker

    • Defining What An “Incredible Company” Means To You

    • Identifying Similarities & Expanding Your Search

    • Creating A Company Bucket List

    • What To Avoid When Building Your Bucket List

    • Keeping Tabs On Your Bucket List Companies

  • 3

    Branding Yourself For Your Ideal Job

    • Why Branding Is An Important Part Of Getting Hired By An Incredible Company

    • Identifying Your Relevant Skill Sets

    • Creating A Personal Branding Statement

    • Writing Your Resume Effectively

    • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

    • Crafting A Disruptive Cover Letter

  • 4

    Applying For Jobs Online

    • Identifying The Right Job Opportunities

    • Filling Out Online Job Applications Effectively

    • Circumventing The Online Application Process

    • Distributing Your Materials Effectively

  • 5

    Networking Your Way Into An Incredible Company

    • Why Networking Is Essential If You Want To Get Hired By An Incredible Company

    • Building Out Your Networking Strategy

    • Customizing Your Connection Requests

    • Starting Conversations With Connections

    • Engaging Your Networking Connections Effectively

  • 6

    Understanding Company Culture, Environment & Employee Expectations

    • Researching The Company

    • Dressing The Part

    • Gaining An Understanding Of Company Culture & Employee Expectations

    • Pinpointing Red Flags

  • 7

    Nailing The Interview Process At An Incredible Company

    • Understanding The 4 Different Buyers In The Hiring Process

    • Understanding How Interviewers Assess You

    • Understanding The Red Flags Employers Look For During An Interview

    • Understanding The Different Types of Interviews

    • Learning The Different Types Of Interview Questions

    • Answering Interview Questions Effectively

    • Practicing With Another Person

    • Asking The Right Questions During The Interview

    • Sending A Thank You Note

  • 8

    Staying In Touch With An Incredible Company After Being Rejected

    • What To Do When You Get Rejected For Your Dream Job

  • 9

    Finding A Remote Job At An Incredible Company

    • Identifying Remote Work Opportunities

    • Understanding What Employers Are Looking For In Remote Employees

    • Negotiating For A Remote Job At An Incredible Company

  • 10

    Wrap Up

    • Next Steps