Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mastering Salary Negotiations

    • Introduction

    • Common Fears & Misconceptions Of Negotiating

  • 2


    • Mentally Preparing For Your Negotiation

    • Identifying Your "Walk Away" Rate

    • Researching Salary Ranges

    • Pinpointing Your Salary Range

    • Answering The Salary Question On Job Applications & In Phone Screens

    • Understanding What You Can Negotiate For

  • 3


    • Understanding The Offer

    • Positioning Yourself For A Better Offer

    • Negotiating For More Money, Benefits, And Perks

    • What To Do When The Employer Says "No"

    • Knowing When NOT To Negotiate

    • What To Do After You're Done Negotiating

    • Responding To A Counter Offer

    • Course Wrap Up

  • 4

    Salary FAQ & Bonus Resources

    • Should You Always Negotiate Your Salary?

    • When Is The Best Time To Start Salary Negotiations?

    • What Do I Need To Know When Negotiating For An Internal Position?

    • Should My Negotiation Strategy Change If I'm Switching Careers?

    • How Should I Negotiate When An Employer REALLY Wants Me?

    • How Do I Sell Myself For A Lower-Level Position?

    • I Have A Counter Offer And Got No Response, Now What?

    • How Do I Ask For A Car Allowance & Mileage Reimbursement?

    • Are My Salary Requirements Too High?

    • Can I Tell A Potential Employer I Was Underpaid?